Code of Conduct



The United States Grand Lodge publication titled The Path of Mediation outlines a path toward efficient mediation and dispute resolution. We ask that you consult this document and follow it to the best of your ability in the event that any dispute arises while you are in attendance at NOTOCON.


Additionally, we ask you to consider the following…
  • Man has the right to love as he will: It is necessary to note that sexual freedom requires the discipline to always conduct ourselves in a respectful manner, and to obtain the full and enthusiastic consent of all parties involved before engaging in any physical activity such as, but not limited to, grabbing, brushing up against someone, and unwanted hugs or kisses.
  • In all cases, each person has the right to refuse any physical contact without explanation at any time, and it is each person’s duty to accept such refusals with the maturity and grace expected of an initiate. In short, don’t be creepy. Please also read the thorough Agapé article on Sexual Harassment (see page 5) for a better understanding of un/acceptable behaviors.
  • Be respectful of personal boundaries, do not make disrespectful remarks about another person’s sex, and do not repeatedly ask for consent once it is refused. Such behavior is harassment, and is not acceptable at any O.T.O. event.
In the interest of maintaining Pax Templi, repeated and documented complaints could be grounds for removal from the conference. If you feel you are being harassed, and feel safe to do so, please tell the individual that their (specific) behavior is unwelcome and that you want them to stop. If you need to submit an official complaint, please do all you can to assist us with documenting the event(s) so that your right to freely enjoy the conference may be upheld to the best of our ability.


The NOTOCON team respects your privacy; but keep in mind that you are at a public event, and you are your own best protection. Those who would not like their photograph publicly distributed through websites, social media, e-mail, etc., are encouraged to wear the free, bright red, Do Not Photograph wristbands provided at the conference Registration Desk. Anyone posting NOTOCON XI photographs containing members who are wearing a Do Not Photograph wristband, signifying their intent to not be photographed, will be considered to have willfully violated the member’s right to privacy; this could be considered unfraternal behavior. As always, you should gain permission before posting or distributing a photo containing anyone other than yourself.