“La Dolce Vita” Wine Tasting has Sold Out



This presentation has sold out, but registration for the waitlist is available. In the event a spot opens up, the person(s) selected from the waitlist will be notified via e-mail and will then have 72 hours to complete their registration. There will still be the additional cost of $35 to attend this presentation for anyone selected from the waitlist.

Dionysos from the Villa of Mystery at Pompeii


Soror Ixel Balamke & Frater Hunahpu, Leaping Laughter Lodge

In Rome, one cannot experience their life without realizing that they have “La Dolce Vita” (the good life). Even though magic was illegal to practice in the Roman Empire, this did not stop people from practicing magic. This presentation will examine the folk magic of everyday Romans. Some of these practices will look familiar to Thelemites, while some practices will seem rather silly, and others are nothing less than amore. We will also taste five Italian wines. Italians make wine to complement food; Italians do not separate wine from food. To Italians, wine is food. In order to better to examine the wine, we will pair a particular food from the region that the wine is created to enhance your tasting experience.


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