Speaker Bios



Quintessential, Once Again

Catherine Berry joined Ordo Templi Orientis in 1987. ororhe has held a variety of leadership positions in the Order, at the local level (Master of Baphomet Lodge and Deputy Master of LVX Oasis, and others), on the national level (Bishop of E.G.C., member of the Grand Tribunal, and U.S.G.L. Internet Secretary), and on the international level. Despite the appearance of leading an entirely virtual existence, she does occupy a physical body in Los Angeles, where she lives with her wife, Leanne. Among her personal areas of research are the role of humor in magick and the culture and philosophy of the ancient Aztecs.


Goetia: A Historical Evocation
The Wake World: A Dramatic Rendering

Colin D. Campbell is the author of several books on magic and Thelema, most recently publishing Of the Arte Goetia, an exegetical look at the infamous text and its origins. He serves as Master of Abrahadabra Oasis, a member of the Committee of Four of Tahuti Chapter R+C, a Chartered Initiator, and an Ordained E.G.C. Priest.



Purification and Consecration of Magical Objects: A Formula of Initiation

Phillip English is an initiate of the Ordo Templi Orientis, and the Blue Lodge degrees of Freemasonry. He lectures, teaches classes and facilitates workshops on a variety of topics focusing on ritual magick, Norse magical traditions, spirituality in everyday life, the occult and the history of esoteric societies. He keeps a blog at vitkiarts.com, and developed the Boleskine compass iPhone app as a fundraising vehicle for Hidden Spring Oasis.


The Body As A Scrying Sensor

Harper has presented variants of this experiential workshop in tandem with her partner, Rufus Opus, and his focus on various Hermetic-themed talks at both Leaping Laughter Lodge and Anabasis Encampment. She also has a long background of speaking at scientific professional meetings, with more than 50 presentations all over the world, and most recently, an invitation to speak at Pittcon 2016, a meeting which drew nearly 13,000 conferees. Perhaps more pertinent to the goals of this workshop, she also spent nearly a decade teaching martial arts and meditation to both children and adults.


Ritual and Regalia Textile Construction
Sex Magick and Chocolate Sigils

My magickal career began simultaneously with the Golden Dawn, chaos magic and sex magick. Years later, I saw the Gnostic Mass and immediately fell in love. It was everything I had been looking for and trying to cobble together on my own. In 2003, I took my Minerval with the old 93 Lodge and started down this wild path! Currently, I am working on Ordination and have started two Camps-In-Formation along the way. I reside in San Antonio, Texas, and am the treasurer of 718 Camp.


Diagonal Demons and Doorways to the Heptarchic Angels

Chris Harden took his Minerval initiation in 1996 with Ra-Harakhte Lodge in Jacksonville, Florida. He is now an active member of Crux Ansata Oasis in Denver, Colorado. Chris is an Ordained Deacon and a Novice Priest in E.G.C.


Developing Female Leaders in O.T.O.

Soror Hypatia (Tau Asteria) has been a member of Ordo Templi Orientis since 1995. She served as Master of William Blake Lodge from 2001-2008 and U.S.G.L. E.G.C. Secretary from 2008-2011. Presently, she serves in the capacities of Sovereign Grand Inspector General, High Priestess of Infinite Stars Chapter of Rose Croix, and a member of the U.S.G.L. Supreme Grand Council. As a speaker, she has lectured on topics including the Gnostic Mass, Tarot, astrology, initiation, ritual construction, fundraising, and event management. Recently, she was interviewed for the Stooping Starlight podcast episode, The Scarlet Woman Speaks, discussing her views on Babalon, the Scarlet Woman, and E.G.C.; and My Secret Centre, describing her magical retirement. She has presented at O.T.O. bodies throughout the U.S.; and internationally, she has lectured in Sydney, Oslo, Vancouver, Gdansk, and London.

Dionysos from the Villa of Mystery at Pompeii


La Dolce Vita (Wine Tasting)

Soror Ixel Balamke and Frater Hunahpu are the two founding members of Sekhet-Bast-Ra Oasis in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with 33 years of devotion to our Holy Order, and to each other. They have both served in many duties through the years such as Co-Masters of Sekhet-Bast-Ra, Initiation Secretaries, helped in the founding of U.S. Grand Lodge newsletter, Agapé, and more. Hunahpu is currently the Grand Secretary General. Ixel Balamke is also happily the other GSG – the Grand Sommelier General – which the Grand Master appointed her on September 20, 2012e.v, while pouring copious amounts of rich wines into his cup! Ixel Balamke enjoys teaching various classes and workshops, doing Bishop work, to help develop and grow the O.T.O. in the Midwest. They both currently attend Leaping Laughter Lodge in the Twin Cities. Their love of wine is legendary. Hunahpu and Ixel Balamke even named their Chapter after Dionysos, due to their deep abiding and sensual fascination with wine, roses, and agape. They have a small wine cellar that holds about 300 bottles, which includes a least one case of champagne in case a spontaneous Thelemic party occurs (one must always be prepared)!

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The O.T.O. IV°/P∴I∴ Initiations: History, Development and Parallels

Richard Kaczynski is the author Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley (2010), which the Times Literary Supplement deemed “the major biography to date” of The Beast. He has also written Forgotten Templars: The Untold Origins of Ordo Templi Orientis (2012), The Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley (2009), the novel, The Billionth Monkey (2015), among others. Since 1990, he has lectured internationally on these and other topics – including a 2016 presentation on the art of Frieda Lady Harris at the Trans-States conference in Northampton, England – and has been featured in the television documentaries Secrets of the Occult (2006) and Aleister Crowley: The Beast 666 (2007). He also maintains the Thoth Sightings webpage, which documents Thoth Tarot appearances in popular culture. By day, Richard is a social psychologist, biostatistician and research scientist, whose 1993 doctoral dissertation examined metaphysical beliefs and experiences among occult practitioners.


Liber Trigrammaton: An Exploration

I have been a member of O.T.O. and an aspirant to the A∴A∴ for more than 20 years. I was first initiated at Pyramid Lodge and have served in various local officer roles. Currently, I am serving  as one of the U.S.G.L. Ombudsmen. I formerly served as an elector and secretary on the Electoral College and as Lodge Master of Horizon Lodge.


The Masters Salon

Andrew Lent is Master of Black Sun Lodge, an Ordained Priest of E.G.C., a Chartered Initiator of M∴M∴M∴, and a member of Ouarda Chapter of Rose Croix.

Note: Current Body Masters and Camp-In-Formation organizers welcome to attend.


The HGA: Integrating Insights from Developmental Psychology

Soror Madimi (Lauren Gardner, MA) is a licensed psychotherapist and counselor educator in Raleigh, N.C. A longtime student of the Golden Dawn, she has been writing about depth psychology, the Western mysteries, and other topics for more than a decade. In addition to a growing private practice, she currently works at North Carolina State University and the North Carolina Art Therapy Institute. Lauren finds her O.T.O. home at Star of Babalon Camp in Raleigh, N.C., where she currently serves as the body’s E.G.C. Secretary.


Finding Your H.G.A. in the Orisha of Western Nigeria

Isha Everidge Martin joined Ordo Templi Orientis in 1997. She is an Ordained Priestess and currently serves as co-quartermaster for U.S. Grand Lodge. In addition to her involvement in O.T.O., she was initiated in 2006 as a Priestess of the Orisha Obatala in the Ifa tradition, practiced by the Yoruba of Western Nigeria.



Unity Uttermost Showed

Terry Murdock underwent his first Order initiation in 1998 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he now serves as master of Golden Thread Camp. On the regional level, Terry serves on the Committee of Four of Ouarda Chapter and has been co-organizer for the Ouarda Chapter Presents: A Day for the Man of Earth events. On the national level, he serves on the Agapé team and as the U.S.G.L. Historian. In his free time, Terry enjoys visiting and presenting at the various local bodies across the Midwest. He lives in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania, with his daughter, mini pin, and partner-in-all-things, Courtney. He is a pretty cool guy.


Do Not Go Gentle: Euthanasia, Eugenics & Liber OZ

Frater N.D.N.S.N. is an autistic Thelemite who focuses his work on creating a more Thelemic society. His motto, Nihil de nobis, sine nobis means “Nothing about us without us.” He is a former Man of Earth Delegate and member of Scarlet Woman Lodge, and a current member of Alombrados Oasis in the Man of Earth Triad. He presented on this topic at TOTOCON 7 in Austin, Texas, in 2014; he has also presented a variation at disability conferences in Houston, Oklahoma City, Baltimore, and Dallas. He works professionally in the disability industry doing trainings and public policy. This is his first NOTOCON presentation.



Art is Magick

Frater N^T^N is a multimedia artist and magickal practitioner. His mediums include stained glass, illuminated glass, watercolor, oil paint, and tattoos. In his career as tattoo artist he has travelled worldwide studying the traditions and occult symbolism hidden in humanities earliest art form. In his home state of Massachusetts he was instrumental in overturning the prohibition against tattooing, and has guided the tattoo culture since the re-legaliztion of tattooing there in 2000. Frater N^T^N has produced the Boston Tattoo Convention for the past 15 years. He is the owner of Witch City Ink in Salem, Massachusetts, and the co-owner of the Star and Snake Esoteric Arts Center in New Hampshire. He is also an officer at Knights Templar Oasis in the Valley of Salem. Natan has been published in various tattoo and magickal journals for more than 20 years, including speaking engagements at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Boston. Most recently he has had work featured in the Stephen Romano Gallery, Occult of Personality podcast, Hyperallergic, and the Between the Mirrors art blog. His most recent publication is The Dark Mark, Tattoos and Transformation, published by Fulgur press in Black Mirror Research Network.



Conjuring from the Lesser Key

Rufus has worked Hermetically with the spirits of the Lemegeton’s Goetia for nearly two decades. In this time, he has picked up methods of operation that increase the effectiveness and interactions with the spirits conjured. He will be joined in this presentation by his partner, Harper Feist. The two have presented workshops and talks together on various Hermetic-themed topics.



11 Keys to an Effective Temple

Christeos Pir has been a member of O.T.O. since April 4, 1993, and is a Bishop of E.G.C. and a Sovereign Grand Inspector General. He is past Most Wise Sovereign of Baphomet Chapter Rose Croix, past Secretary and Deputy Master of Scarlet Woman Lodge in Austin, Texas, and past Master of William Blake Oasis (now William Blake Lodge). He completed his M.A. at the University of Texas in 2011 with a thesis on the role of religion and the supernatural in contemporary Japanese popular culture, and is currently teaching History of Globalization at a private university. He has led seminars and experimental study groups in various subjects at a number of O.T.O. bodies, at NOTOCON, at Ecumenicon/Sacred Space (a national pagan-oriented ecumenical conference), and at several Texas O.T.O. Conventions (TOTOCONs).


Seven Chalices of the Lady

Grant H. Potts has been an active initiate in O.T.O. since 2000, and currently serves as Lodge Master of Scarlet Woman Lodge and as a member of Oikos, the Committee for the Advancement of Thelemic Families. He works as an academic, and is the Chair of a Department of Philosophy, Religion, and Humanities at a major community college and co-chair of the steering committee for the Ritual Studies Group of the American Academy of Religion. His publications include contributions to the Oxford University Press volume, Negotiating Rites, and the Three Hands Press volume, A Rose Veiled in Black.


Thelema and the Yezidi Connection

Azi Rasa is a New York State-licensed psychologist in private practice. He is a former professor and currently serves as clinical faculty for the University at Buffalo. He was initiated into O.T.O. in 1988 on his 18th birthday. He is a very active member of Pyramid Lodge where he serves as Deputy Lodge Master and an Ordained Priest of E.G.C. He is a member of the Psychology Guild, and presents on a broad range of topics at O.T.O. bodies across the country. Some of his work (including musical recordings) were featured on a series of episodes of the Speech in the Silence podcast. He was also featured on Thelema NOW!, the official podcast of Ordo Templi Orientis.


Thelemic Song

M. Dionysius Rogers is a Bishop of E.G.C. From 1996-2003, he organized and led the Unknown Rivers Thelemic choir in Austin, Texas. He will be joined in his presentation by Oliver Althoen, a member of Golden Lotus Lodge, and guitarist in the guitar/harmonica duo, Dry River.


The Best Description We Have: An Introduction to Physics & Magick

Byron Lowry has been a member of the O.T.O. since 2014, and currently serves as the treasurer of Dove & Serpent Oasis. He is an organizing member of the U.S.G.L. Natural Sciences Guild, and the packet coordinator for Kaaba Colloquium. In terms of an academic professional career, Byron holds a master’s degree in Engineering Physics and is currently in graduate school pursuing his Ph.D. in Physics at Georgia Tech. His current research is in Quantum Sensors for Precision Navigation and Timing in the Quantum Systems Division of the CIPHER lab at Georgia Tech Research Institute. Byron’s hobbies include Asian and European martial arts, percussion, and co-op gaming. He also advises a local chapter of the international co-ed service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega.



Fraternity: The Karma Yoga of Ordo Templi Orientis

Jon Sewell is a longtime initiate of Ordo Templi Orientis and past Lodge Master of Horizon Lodge in Seattle, Washington. An avid composer and producer, Jon has focused his efforts and talents on a variety of projects of interest to the Thelemic community, including production on a feature length video presentation of the Gnostic Mass, presentation of musical adaptations of The Rites of Eleusis and a short documentary detailing some of the oral history of the Rites within the formative years of O.T.O.



Searching for Parsifal

Dr. Sherry received his Minerval degree at Knights Templar Oasis in 2007. He has written for Behutet Magazine and other O.T.O. publications such as Agapé since 2008, with articles on Aleister Crowley and occultism, and interviews with prominent Thelemic figures. He served O.T.O. U.S.G.L. as Secretary of the Man of Earth Delegate Nominating Panel for four years, retiring in 2016. He is an Ordained Priest of E.G.C. and a member of Tahuti Chapter R+C. Brother Brett holds a B.M. in Piano Performance from The Boston Conservatory and is a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. He currently resides in the New England area and serves as Master of Mithras Oasis in the Valley of Windham, Connecticut.



The Role of Visionary Work in the Path of Initiation

Dr. David Shoemaker has been a member of O.T.O. since 1993. He is the current Master of 418 Lodge, having succeeded his friend and teacher, Soror Meral. He frequently speaks at NOTOCON, and serves the Order as a Bishop of E.G.C., Sovereign Grand Inspector General, and the M.W.S. of Alpha Chapter. David is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Sacramento, California, and was the founding President of the O.T.O. Psychology Guild. He led the team that developed the Pastoral Counseling Workshops. He is a Certified Initiator Trainer and a member of the U.S.G.L. Initiation Training and Planning committees. His areas of interest include Qabalistic Psychology, ritual design, Raja Yoga, and systems of initiation (including G∴D∴-style rites and the A∴A∴). He was a co-editor of the journals Cheth and Neshamah, and has produced the podcast, Living Thelema, since 2010. The popular book of the same name was released in late 2013, and The Winds of Wisdom (a record of his visions from the 30 Enochian Aethyrs), followed in 2016. David has also co-edited several collections of the writings and correspondence of Phyllis Seckler, Karl Germer, and Jane Wolfe. In addition to his work in magick and psychology, David is a composer and musician. For more about his work, visit livingthelema.com.



James Strain, Mike Estell, Soror Cassie & Colin D. Campbell & Katherine Palakovich

The Wake World: A Dramatic Rendering

James Strain is M.W.S. of Tahuti Chapter R+C, and serves the Order as International Initiation Secretary, member of the U.S. O.T.O. Grand Tribunal, S.G.I.G. and Bishop of the E.G.C. Mike Estell is a member of the Electoral College of U.S. Grand Lodge, a member of the Committee of Four of Tahuti Chapter R+C, a Chartered Initiator, and an Ordained E.G.C. Priest. Soror Cassie is Master of Tahuti Lodge, Secretary of Tahuti Chapter R+C, a member of the Chapter’s Committee of Four, a Chartered Initiator, and an Ordained E.G.C. Priestess. Colin D. Campbell serves as Master of Abrahadabra Oasis, a member of the Committee of Four of Tahuti Chapter R+C, a Chartered Initiator, and an Ordained E.G.C. Priest.


The Aves of the Master

I have been a Thelemite 20 years, and an O.T.O. initiate for 17. I am a member of both Swirling Star Lodge and Hidden Spring Oasis, and an Ordained Deacon of E.G.C. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master’s in Human Resource Management. I am married to my best friend, who is also a Thelemite and O.T.O. initiate. I greatly value my fellow Florida O.T.O. bodies and enjoy attending their functions throughout the year.


Liber 231: The Circular Path Story, Cosmic Evolution and Initiation

Previous lecturer at the last eight NOTOCONs. Author. Lecturer on Tarot and Class A texts (especially the Liber XXXI manuscript). Founder of Pyramid Lodge. Served on the Electoral College for 11 years. Holds various Order offices.


Heptarchial Evocation

Scott Michael Stenwick has worked with the Enochian magical system for more than two decades, and has been in the Order since 1995. He has published two books on working with the Enochian system, Mastering the Mystical Heptarchy and Mastering the Great Table, available from Pendraig Publishing. His approach combines the original attributions communicated to Dee with modern ceremonial forms and concepts from the Thelemic tradition.



The Roots of the O.T.O. in the Crusades

James Wasserman has been a member of O.T.O. since 1976. In 1979, he founded TAHUTI Lodge in New York City, the second oldest continuous O.T.O. Lodge in the world. He served as Grand Secretary General from 1985-1986, and has played a key role in numerous seminal publications of Crowley’s literary corpus. The most important of these include his supervision of Weiser’s 1976 edition of The Book of the Law, in which the holograph manuscript was appended to the corrected typeset text of the O.T.O.’s 1938 publication for the first time in a popular volume. He successfully arranged to re-photograph the Crowley/Harris Tarot paintings for an improved second edition of the Thoth Tarot deck published in 1977, to which he contributed the Booklet of Instruction. In 1983, he helped to produce The Holy Books of Thelema, the critical collection of Crowley’s inspired (Class A) writings. He has also edited and introduced Aleister Crowley and the Practice of the Magical Diary; worked with Richard Kaczynski on The Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley; worked with his wife, Nancy, on To Perfect This Feast: A Performance Commentary on the Gnostic Mass; issued an expanded and redesigned edition of AHA! with J. Daniel Gunther; and wrote a modern history of the O.T.O., In the Center of the Fire. His newest book, Templar Heresy: A Story of Gnostic Illumination (and the corresponding hardcover collector’s edition, Divine Warriors: The Birth of Heresy), set within the dramatic tableau of the medieval Crusades, the Templars, Assassins, and Cathars, is a story of initiation and the effects of spiritual growth in the personal lives of its characters. It communicates the inherent dignity of the individual and his and her relationship with the sacred principles of the universe. It traces the evolution of the Western Esoteric Tradition during the fertile cultural interactions of the Crusades. For a complete list of Jim’s books, visit jameswassermanbooks.com.